The Lesson of the Butterfly



Then one day they spin a cocoon about themselves and hide away from the world for a time. Inside the cocoon a miraculous process takes place called metamorphosis. The body of the caterpillar is being rearranged. One can only imagine the enormous amount of energy and determination to finish what it has started the insect must be expending. The world at large goes on about our merry way never acknowledging the hard work going on inside that cocoon.


Then one day a crack appears as the new creature emerges. It isn’t beautiful at first as it must pump blood into its drying wings, but soon it flits away leaving its cocoon behind as the only evidence it was once ugly and ignored.


What can we as people learn from the butterfly? There is much.


Persistence. We must strive forward no matter how hard life gets.


Patience. We must be patient with ourselves and gentle with ourselves when we are feeling ugly remembering it is only a temporary state.


Believe. The caterpillar doesn’t spin a cocoon believing nothing will change if he does. He does so knowing it will emerge a lovely butterfly.


Like the caterpillar who becomes a butterfly we who struggle with mental challenges will also one day spread our wings and fly!