A Message to All Who Are Having a Hard Time Today


I of all people understand the deep hole of depression. I understand the feelings of being overwhelmed by one’s thoughts, and the need to hide. I can also relate to feelings of wanting to self-destruct. These powerful emotions can make life miserable, and threaten our existence.

My words to you today are simple. I care. I have been there. I hear you. I need you to stay here with me. Life would go on without you, but it would be so much colder.

Your presence in this world isn’t an accident, and you are an important voice. The world needs your compassion, your ability to empathize, and your strength.

I know many of you have felt all your life that you don’t belong in the world, that your birth and your life have been meaningless. Those are lies told you by those who harmed you. They may or may not have said those exact phrases, but their actions convinced you that you are worthless and a burden.

Today I am reaching out to all who are in pain. Listen to this new voice, and those of thousands of others who have sat where you are right now.

We need you.

We love you.

You are never alone.

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