3 thoughts on “What Do You Think?

  1. As a classic guitarist, I do like it. However, I think music is so emotionally evocative that adding it to a verbal-content-focused web site may not be helpful. I’ve been designing and building websites for two decades plus, and one thing I’ve clearly learned is that simpler is better. If there’s music, THAT is the content. Art? THAT is the content. Words? THAT is the content. Rarely is it possible to mix stuff and end up where you want to go.

    Technically, there’s also the issue of download speed. It’s clearly research-validated that people stay away from pages that take too long to load. Adding stuff to page quickly slows its download to a client machine. Then, too, music that loops while one is reading a page can quickly get irritating.

    Summary: I don’t think you need it, and it may even work against your objectives.

    Just my opinion, but I hope it may be helpful.


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