Early Mental Health and Addictions Treatment Act



My mother died of an opioid overdose in June, 2011. We will never know for certain whether she did it on purpose, or if she simply misjudged. All I know for sure is that she is dead.



I myself suffered from addiction to opioids from early adulthood until June, 2015. This July 1, I will have been free of their damaging influence for three years.

I was lucky. I am still breathing. I still have my family.



How can pills be dangerous? They aren’t “hard” drugs you buy on the street! They come from a doctor, and are legal so long as you have a prescription. They must be safe! I mean, they wouldn’t prescribe things that would harm you? Would they?



I do not wholly blame the medical professionals who gave me the medications I took. Many times they did so very reluctantly, and I did things like doctor shopping to support my habit. I even broke the law once to get my supply.


While I didn’t die like my mother, I am still paying for popping pills like they were candy. I  have had a major stroke and have had other horrible physical problems that are directly related to my pill usage.


Don’t be fooled. Don’t fool yourself. Prescription drugs, especially pain killers, are NOT 100% SAFE! In fact, most people who end up hooked on pain pills do so after having surgery. They just simply never stop taking them.


Just like all other addicts, pill junkies like me aren’t despicable and horrible people. We simply got caught up in the “feel good” and “a pill can fix everything” culture that we were born into.


No one, and I mean NO ONE gets up one morning and says to themselves and their loved ones, “I’m going to get hooked on opioids today. Screw you and my life.


There is very important legislation being processed in the Illinois General Assembly. It affects those who have become victim of the rampant Opioid addiction problem that is robbing people of their homes, their families, and all too often, their lives.



Please join me in supporting the passage of this bill.



Make you voice heard!



Together, we can stop the madness and destruction that is caused by opioids every day in Illinois and across our country.



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