Mental Illness is a Human Condition!



Mental illness is not something that only poor or weak people get. It is a very human disease process that can afflict anyone at anytime in their lives. There is no immunity for anyone. It can strike the rich, poor, and even the strongest among us. It isn’t just a western or eastern disease either. No matter where you live on planet Earth, if you are human you can develop a mental health crisis which can turn into a lifelong battle against a mental health disorder. 


Unfortunately, among us are those who believe the opposite. They think that “it will never happen to me” or that they are too “strong” to become mentally ill. In their minds, people who go to therapists or Psychiatrists are spineless and just need to stop feeling sorry for themselves. Then there are those who believe that relying on god will help. All they need do is pray harder and live for their god more and the symptoms they are having will disappear.


I wish, as many do, that those cures worked. While trying to fit into societies schema of what is “normal” and “acceptable”, many have lost their battles dying alone in their pain.


This need never happen.


Mental disorders can occur with or without trauma, they can occur in every country, in every household, and in every life.


Let me put it another way. 100% of humans living on planet Earth at this moment WILL experience at least one mental health crisis in their lifetimes. 


  • The death of a child, parent, friend or even facing their own.

  • Losing employment and facing not being able to pay the bills.

  • Losing a relationship in break-up and/or divorce.


Those are only three of the losses people can incur that will send their lives and emotions spinning out of control and could become severely limiting and diagnosable  mental health disorders. 


How many of you know or have known someone who has lost their spouse or child who have suffered and may still be suffering from depression and/or anxiety? They may never recover their balance in life.


This is a mental health crisis that has become a life altering mental health disorder.


No one, and I mean NO ONE is immune.


So, in the United States we celebrate Mental Health Month, also called Mental Health Awareness Month together!



If you live with a mental health condition, then share this post to all your social media sites and with your family and friends. Help them to understand that they too are vulnerable.


There is one more message we need to send too.


There is no reason whatsoever for anyone to suffer alone and in silence!

It is time for us to begin shouting from the rooftops that mental illness is just that, illness. No more, no less. 


Some other things we need to shout:


  • It is not a death sentence.

It does not mean someone is weak.

It does not mean a person living with a mental health condition is “crazy”.

It does not mean people with a mental health issue is dangerous or should be shunned.

It definitely doesn’t mean people with a mental health condition is evil or possessed.


Perhaps most importantly of all, what living with a mental health disorder DOES mean:

  • We are all vulnerable.   

We are all mortal.   


We are all human. 

Below are some sobering statistics I gleaned from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). 


Please read these staggering figures and reconsider any thoughts you may have harbored that mental illness will never happen to you.

The Prevalence of Mental Illness in the U-page-001The Prevalence of Mental Illness in the U-page-002The Prevalence of Mental Illness in the U-page-003The Prevalence of Mental Illness in the U-page-004






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