A Wonderful Website by Cathy Brody, MSW




Kathy Broady is an MSW who offers enormous help on her website to those who live with dissociative identity disorder.  Credentialed by the Australian Association of Social Workers, Kathy offers support, resources and help to those who need information in order to heal from the life-altering affects of DID.




Kathy’s website Discussing Dissociation  is a wonderful resource written by her to help those, like myself, who live with a dissociative disorder.




Kathy has written over 375 articles and offers such resources as:



Lists of Articles to Help Understand DID

101 Ways to See DID




Ms Broady also offers her expertise to give aid via Phone Consultations and Email Consultations. 







A recent post I found to be highly helpful was called Examples of Successful Progress in the DID Healing Process  which lists several ways you and your therapist can tell that you are making progress in your journey to a less chaotic and more peaceful life.


I highly recommend visiting Kathy Broady’s website to find helpful information and guidance to enhance the work you and your therapist are doing each week.


“My own path towards wellness has been a long and dynamic one. It’s taught me that healing from the inside out takes time and there can be great value in various sources of guidance.” Carre Otis






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  1. Dear Shirley: I do admire your work and find it both moving and helpful. Today I have one little niggle: Discussing Dissociation is by Kathy Broady. Best – TS


  2. One thing we would add, Kathy’s consultations are sooooo worth the money! We would not only recommend her website but her consultations have been a tremendous help to us!


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