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I don’t normally promote businesses on this site, but I just had to write about an adventure I had recently. I had been invited to lunch by a friend, and after eating she asked me to go with her to an art gallery called The Vault. I agreed, and what I found inside was treasure.



This marvelous secret is tucked away on a side street in the small town of Tuscola, Illinois is The Vault Art Gallery. Inside are the riches that interior decorators have only dreamed about. Handcrafted, one of a kind pieces with eclectic charm fill the many rooms and decorate the walls.


Located at 100 N. Main St., in downtown Tuscola, Illinois, The Vault focuses on a wide variety of affordable yet beautiful artwork all crafted by local artisans from the central Illinois area.


As I walked through the lower floor chambers of this jewel, I saw pieces that would cost many hundreds of dollars priced at amounts that can be afforded on just about any budget. My thoughts immediately sped up as I considered how much money a person or couple who are busy decorating their home could save tons of money buying the marvelous pieces displayed at The Vault Art Gallery.


I saw lovely blown glass, paintings, photographs and even a hand-carved wooden bowl that would have cost several hundred anywhere else priced below $100. There was ceramics, pottery, fiber art and a decorated one of a kind chair very reminiscent of Andy Warhol.

chair 2.jpg

The Vault Art Gallery is owned and operated by the artisans whose work is on display. It is located inside a historic former bank building and has two stories with more than 12,000 square feet to accommodate the wonderful pieces one can find there. A charming addition is the bank vault, from which the gallery gets its name, which is still located on the main floor.

Located in downtown Tuscola, Illinois, The Vault Art Gallery can be found one-half mile north of U.S. 36 and 1 mile west of Interstate 57. The gallery is 23 miles south of Champaign-Urbana, 23 miles north of Mattoon and Charleston, and 35 miles east of Decatur. Th Vault Art Gallery is also only 16 miles from the only Amish settlement in Illinois.


They are a small-town gallery with the big-city feel.


I would urge anyone who is going to decorate or redecorate their home and is looking for an big city eclectic feel but on a limited budget to consider visiting The Vault Art Gallery.


You won’t be disappointed that you did, I know I wasn’t.

vault 2.





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    1. It is a treasure trove of art and it is all locally made by people most of whom have some form of mental or physical disability. It is a dream place for anyone who decorates homes for a living. I’m serious. And, thanks, I did have fun! Shirley


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