Sometimes You Just Can’t Win


I posted a funny page today, that it turned out not everyone laughed at. There was a gif of a man with his belly hanging out who was jumping up and down with glee at a baseball game. I thought it was silly and included it, thinking it would get a giggle or two. However, all it did was make people angry and upset.


Sometimes you just can’t win.

If I upset you, I apologize. It is very sad that in the current climate people can’t just enjoy themselves and see things in the light in which they are intended. I was not making fun of that man, and believe me I understand what being overweight means. I am a cumbersome person myself and have no room to speak so I was not at all intending that gif to be a hit at anyone at all.

That having been said, I hope we can bury this whole subject. Like ten feet under dirt with some manure on top. I mean, wow. Come on. I would never, ever intentionally make fun of anyone!

Oh well, that’s life I suppose.