I Am Strong but Not Unbreakable


I Am Strong but Not Unbreakable

Shirley J. Davis

People see my writing

And hear my call to life

Speaking from experiences

To tell how I overcame hell

But don’t equate strength with unbreakable

I’m just as fragile as anyone else

Vulnerable and fragile sometimes

I have limits to my endurance

Living sometimes seems too much trouble

Yet, like you, I seem to have no choice

I try to put up an image

Of an unbreakable woman of strength

Yet it is important to pull that veneer down

And show you the real me

I’m not special, I am a human

Oh yes, I’ve written strong articles

Poems, short stories, and blogs

Telling the world how to endure

That life’s journey should be enjoyed

But sometimes it gets too hard, for me too

I am strong but not unbreakable

I get lonely, I crave companionship

I long to be held and loved

Just like all humans, everywhere

Yet, in isolation, I hide, and I die

Maybe I’ll live another year or two

Or perhaps I’ll die tonight in my slumber

I really don’t care either way

Not today, not right now anyway

I feel overwhelmed and exhausted

Yes, I am strong but not unbreakable

Don’t forget that when you read

Any future articles I may post

Any further speeches I may give

I am after all, only mortal