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did in a nut

Before I get started I wanted to say something. I’m fully aware that offering this book here free is going to kill any chance I have of sales on Amazon. I don’t make much there anyway on it, so I guess that is fine right? I’m more interested in helping as many people as I can than in making money.

Anyhow, In a Nutshell is my first attempt at writing about my experiences and the realities of living with DID. I know it is primitive, but it is truthful and contains no triggering information about what happened to me as a child that caused my case of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Try not to laugh at how badly written this book is and try to concentrate on the message it contains. DID is a normal consequence of a child living in unsurvivable conditions. We lived and are still considered sane which would not have happened if we had not formed this condition.

In other words, DID saved us.

So, here is  Dissociative Identity Disorder in a Nutshell: A First-Hand Account.

 Dissociative Identity Disorder in a Nutshell









4 thoughts on “PDF of One of My Books

    1. Wonderful, It is a little primitive as it is my first attempt to write a book on what I know about DID. I know a lot more now and am writing a much larger and more fact filled book about every aspect of DID I could think of and I’m including research. It’ll be ready hopefully in about six months. I hope you enjoy this one though! If you do, could you go to Amazon and give me a review? I’d appreciate that. Shirley


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