The Patient Next Door FREE NO ADS Phone App


I told you all about a great blog site called Patient Next Door a little while back. Tonight I’m going to fill you in more on the Patient Next Door Phone App.

I am involved in getting this wonderful free app off the ground. I was contacted by its owner and creator Randeep Singh a few weeks back to write articles for his blog. After we had worked together for a few weeks, he asked me to help him with his application.

If you know me at all, you all know I am 58 and wasn’t born with a phone or any kind of electronics in my hands. I have had to wing it and learn quickly. Actually, since I have had so many problems being hospitalized, I have been playing catch-up for quite a while now.

I didn’t know anything about smartphones until 2012 and then I was uneasy about using one. My brother Mike had to convince me to even look at one. Finally, I did and now I use one mainly for work purposes.

So, Randeep has had his hands full helping to figure out how to copy/paste etc. using a smartphone. Poor guy.

But, I’ve got to tell you the app he and I are developing is a great one! Not only is it free, but we are working very hard to improve the interactions between users and us.

Let me explain.


With the Patient Next Door app you can join groups and locate others with the same healthcare concerns you have. You can also request and read research articles and other pieces about what concerns you.

You can also compare treatments and find out from others what did and did not work for them.

We have groups for autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Men’s mental health, and our very popular women’s health.

I’m on there every day answering questions, encouraging our members and posting research and articles on what people want to hear about.

To get the app you need only go to your apple or google store and download the patientnextdoor link. Yep, all one word. Then sign up and join the groups you want to participate in.

Don’t forget to send me a note telling you are there! I’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

Again, this app is absolutely free and NO ADVERTISING!

For more information go to the following link and look for our logo.