I’m Still Here, Well Sort Of

Hi everyone. Its me your very tired blog writing friend.

Well if I ever complained my life was boring, I lied. Things have been strange and stressful for me lately.

I won’t bore you with a breakdown of the craziness that life keeps throwing my way. You already know how much we who live with trauma histories are affected by change.

Its getting darker and colder here in Illinois of the U.S. too. Goodbye summer hello seasonal affective disorder.

I just wanted to touch base with everyone and say I’m still here!

I’m a tough bird and life moves on.

I’m thinking and will always, always care for all of you.


7 thoughts on “I’m Still Here, Well Sort Of

    1. I’m not an SRA survivor but I don’t like the darkness of winter at all. I also don’t care for the holidays which unfortunately are coming up. Well, all we can do is encourage each other. Stay as grounded in today as you can my friend. Let me know if you need to talk. Shirley


      1. Thanks Shirley will do sorry you don’t like the holidays, I like Christmas but I think it’s overrated and too commercialised really if I’m honest, I don’t like Halloween at all though, sending hugs XX


        1. I just have bad stuff from the holidays. Its a long story but I think you understand. I appreciate the hugs very much. My life well, has been crazy lately. That too, is a long story. I’m glad I have friends like yourself who care. Shirley


            1. Thank you. I appreciate that. I am okay today. Being busy helps me a lot and I am busy today. I try to avoid the shopping crowds and concentrate on my little 3 yr old nephew having fun during the holiday season. Making good memories for him is important to me. I’ll be okay, especially after I see my Psychiatrist Friday and restart my seasonal affective disorder meds. I don’t need a high dose of antidepressants, but during SAD season I sometimes need a booster. This is one of those years. Thanks for the hugs, I really appreciate my online family so much. Shirley


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