America Isn’t the Greatest Country in the World Anymore–But It Could Be

I’ve written previously about how I am dismayed and saddened by what is happening in my country.

I once believed we were the best country to live in. We had freedom and seemed to be moving forward with equal rights for everyone.

Not anymore.

Now hate and despondency is the norm my country.  People are afraid to speak their opinions to each other in restaurants and other public places for fear of being attacked.

Diversity is frowned upon and anyone who is not a white, straight, male, Christian are in danger of losing their lives.

No, the United States is no longer the greatest country in the world, but maybe the belief that it ever was is an illusion.

The rich prey on the poor, corporations will do anything for a profit, people are living in the streets and being demonized for it. A nation of immigrants now turns her back on those who need us. We have become the laughing stock of the world, and people around the globe look at us and shake their heads at our fall from grace.

The true power of the U.S. has always been our willingness to grow and change, but now we are stagnated and dying.

America can be great again, but the hate and bigotry must stop.

Our national leaders need to embrace the truth and let go of lying, cheating and stealing what is not theirs.

Mutual respect for all humans needs to become our norm and we must put away the weapons that are killing our children and our national spirit.

I’m a patriot, I love my country, and I cry real tears when I look at who we have become.

Be part of the solution, not the problem. Think for yourself and don’t listen to anyone who smells of the fires of stirring up division.

Above all else, get out and vote. It isn’t just a privilege, it is a right but one day if you do not you may wake up to find you have lost it forever.


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