Athena Moberg and the CPTSD Foundation

In my last post, I mentioned the CPTSD Foundation. In this article, I thought I would tell you more about the foundation and its founder and President, Athena Moberg.

In fact, I chose the opening gif to honor her bravery and dedication. Stand up and take a bow Athena Moberg!

Athena Moberg

The CPTSD Foundation was begun by Athena Moberg, someone whom I consider a  wonderful friend.

I’ve been involved and friends with Athena for a few years now, and met her recently when she flew from her home in Hawaii to Ohio recently. She is just as nice as she looks and cares very much about others. She is also deeply passionate about her work aiding people who have been hurt to find healing.

I’ll share her the description of herself that she wrote to put on the foundation’s website below:


Athena Moberg

President and Founder

“Athena Moberg is an author, speaker, and advocate working in the field of Complex Trauma Recovery.

With a deep passion for helping those who have been impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), she and her staff of dedicated volunteers reach thousands of survivors weekly in over 180 countries.

This foundation is her life’s work.

She’s proud to work in tandem with expert practitioners and treatment centers, offering daily touchpoints to anyone currently in trauma therapy or who wants a safe place to come, feel heard, and validated between therapy appointments.

Athena resides in Hawaii with her husband Jim. Her son Jordan is a Marine Corps Veteran utilizing his GI Bill benefits to pursue a degree in Neuroscience with hopes of transitioning to graduate work, either a Ph.D. candidacy or Medical School. Her daughter-in-law Christina is a Second Lieutenant in the US Army while attending Veterinary School.

With 3 published books, Athena speaks publicly every week and firmly believes compassion is a priceless gift we can all give.”

Find the Description Here

cptsdfoundation logo
CPTSD Foundation

A General Description of the CPTSD Foundation

The CPTSD Foundation provides a tertiary (an added level) means of support; adjunctive care (another treatment in conjunction with professional care NOT a substitute for it.)

They provide trauma-informed peer support, which supplements individual therapy.

Each of our members should be engaged in individual therapy and medically stable.

Nothing on this website or any associated CPTSD foundation websites is a replacement for or supersedes the direction of your medical or mental health provider.

The Services Offered by the CPTSD Foundation

Healing Book Club ~ $5/month

The Healing Book Club meets every Saturday at 4pm eastern. In the meetings, members discuss trauma-related healing material.

Weekly YouTube Q & A ~ $0/month

Each week founder Athena Moberg answers questions live on topics related to complex trauma recovery. These weekly interactions allow a safe and validating place for people who are trauma survivors and their families to be heard.

The goal of the Q & A is to encourage those on the healing path from around the world by allowing people to share their experiences through a chatbox.

The CPTSD Foundation YouTube Channel

 Daily Recovery Support Calls ~ $50/month

These daily calls allow both those living with complex traumatic-stress disorder and clinicians to ask questions and share insights. The calls allow for anyone to offer and receive support with the group.

Each call deals with a different aspect of post-traumatic-stress disorder such as its causes, treatments, and the myriad causes.

They also give practitioners, coaches, and advocates who contact Athena Moberg the opportunity to guest host these important calls.

Daily Recovery Support Calls

Athena is hoping to offer more services as her foundation grows that will not have any costs involved. She also hopes to give scholarships in the future so that money will no longer be an issue for those who need help, but cannot afford it.

Bottom Line

The CPTSD Foundation runs on the fees that are collected for services and money that Athena pays out of her own pocket.

In fact, Athena and her husband put their house up for sale to keep the foundation running. That is the dedication we are talking about here.

Such dedication and caring deserves rewarded, yet Athena Moberg continues to struggle on without much outside support.

Her page allows for others to donate to her foundation, and I believe it is a very important and beautiful cause.

If you can, please consider a donation of any size to help. It doesn’t need to be much. If all the people who read this blog donated $5 one time, the amount added together would be around $5,000!

I don’t normally ask for money, you all know that. However, for something as important to the welfare of all who are healing from CPTSD and DID, I’ll get down on my knees if I must.

(no small feat for a fat woman who lives in a wheelchair1 LOL!)

If you cannot donate, well that’s fine too. I really do understand. My family of four people lives on my income of just at $1,000/month and have an extremely tight budget.



There are a lot of people like Athena who care about you and spend time and resources trying to help you on your healing journey.

Including me.

So, never, ever give up!

Never Give Up

© Becky

Never give up,

Never give in.

Move onward and upward with strength from within.

Always believe,
Always look forward.
Never be the one who is seen as a coward.

Remember the past,
Look for the future.
Always remember it’s often good to be obscure.

You are special,
You are unique.
To go far in life is what you should seek.

You are brilliant,
You prove to be amazing every day,
And there is someone who will love you in every way.