Ivory Garden, Living Together with Dissociation

There is a wonderful online resource of hope and support for anyone who experiences dissociation. I have spoken of this wite before, but it has relocated to a different URL.

The website I’m speaking of is Ivory Garden Living Together with Dissociation.

felicityIvory Garden was the first site I found after I moved in with my brother after my long stay of seven years in a psychiatric ward.

On this site, I found friends that will last a lifetime beginning with its owner Pat Goodwin aka Felicity Lee. Pat has worked for many years spreading truthful and helpful information about dissociation and trauma to as many as will listen.

She began offering support in the form of an online forum several years ago and has stuck with it through a lot of turmoil and heartache brought to her by unsavory people who wanted to take over her site for their own personal satisfaction. When she realized what was happening, Pat was forced to take measures that to this day break her heart.

If you need and want to find a safe place to learn, find hope, make friends or just to vent about your dissociative disorder, Ivory Garden is the place you want to go.

I highly recommend Ivory Garden because I healed better just having them in my life.

Check them out at by clicking on the following link:

Ivory Garden