A Motivational Quote for You


Good Saturday everyone. I have decided to start adding motivational quotes and words of wisdom to my blog each day. Now, there will be days when either I’m too busy, too sick, or forget but I will try to brighten your day every day with a post.

I love this quote by Carol Burnett. I love it because acknowledging this ideology to be true has given me the power to overcome my past.

Red HOW word around questions.



It helped me to remember that although I wasn’t powerful enough to make my life better in childhood, I am now a grown woman who is in charge of her life.

I can choose to leave old patterns of thinking in the dust, or I can choose my past to dictate who I am, what I do, and fundamentally keep me bogged down with thinking and actions that do not work.

In essence, choosing to take responsibility for myself makes me a strong and capable human being.

Not to remember and act on the fact that I am in charge and no one else can change me is to allow the people who hurt me so long ago to keep all my potential and leave me powerless.


No one, not your therapist, not your friends, not your family, not anyone can make your life better. That, my friends, is completely up to you.

I chose the song below by Lauren Daigle because I believe what the lyrics say should be said by all people who have survived childhood trauma into the mirror every morning.

I realize she is singing to the Christian God, but listen to what she says other than the one reference to god. The words are powerful affirmations that we are loved, strong, and held.

If you live with the diagnosis of DID, sing this to your alters. They desperately need to hear this message. After all, they are you and you are them.