Your Motivation for February 3, 2019, Leave Your Past Behind and See the Beautiful Person You Have Become


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As humans, we build our present on the experiences of our past. We learn through our experiences and carry what we have learned into our futures.

However, when those past experiences involve complex trauma, we can get caught in the trap of allowing what happened a decade or more ago negatively influence how we feel about the world today.

I know that we must acknowledge and accept what happened to heal, but there comes a point where we must make the decision to leave those events firmly in the past.

If we do not, we live lives thinking of ourselves as forever victims and allowing the people who harmed us to determine how we live, who we love, and even how long we live.


Like the quote above from Will Rogers states, “Don’t let what happened yesterday take up too much of today.”

Once again, I have found a song to share with you. This song by MercyMe, a Christian band, was written by one of the band members. He had a young daughter who came home from school in the third grade weeping because another child had told her she was ugly.

That evening, the band member thought about what his daughter had encountered and pondered. He knew the tabloids and magazines were full of women who were being exploited and believed they had to look a certain way to be beautiful. Not wanting his daughter to grow up thinking she had to be so-so skinny or so-so pretty, he decided to write this song.

He wrote it not just for his own child, but for all woman everywhere. In an interview, he stated that he had suddenly realized the enormous pressure women are under, and to believe they weren’t beautiful unless they measured up to other people’s expectations.

I realize that, once again, I’m using a Christian song, and there are references to the Christian god in it, but the message is greater than the religiousness of the lyrics.




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