Your Motivation for February 5, 2019


Hey everyone, welcome to Wednesday

Have you ever sat and watched a bird soaring on the thermals and wondered what it would be like? To be able to just spread your wings, lift into the air and not be afraid of falling? To see the sky and earth from the point of view of a bird?

Birds have a lot to teach us.

Birds don’t worry about where their next meal will come from or how they look.

Birds don’t hold grudges or worry about what others are saying about them.

Birds don’t hold onto past hurts or strike out in revenge.

Nope. Birds live and enjoy being alive. They experience life on life’s terms. They don’t fret about dying and are always confident in their ability to carry on.

I know birds aren’t people, we are much more complicated than they could ever imagine.

But, how wonderful it would be to soar above the earth carefree, fear-free and enjoy the feeling of the wind beneath our wings.

The following video is just for you. Enjoy it and contemplate the peace we could have if we lived in the “now” like an eagle in flight.


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