Your Motivation for February 11, 2019. Embracing Our Imperfections


Good morning everyone.

I wanted to thank you for all your kind comments from these past few days. You blow me away and I am humbled. I’m so glad we have connected in such a deep and meaningful way.

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This quote is so true.

We are imperfect and so is everyone around us. Accepting this fact can launch you past any negativity you have about yourself and catapult you into a better life.

I’m not saying that accepting imperfections means you don’t need to strive for excellence in your personal and work life, what I am saying is that when you find an imperfection not to fret over it. Instead, embrace it as a part of being human and then find a way to work with or around it.

An example may be that you are pushing 60 or beyond and didn’t finish your education. You now have no way to return to college and have deep regrets. You see your failure to finish college as an imperfection in yourself.

I understand that I’m in the same boat.

What I’ve done is accepted the fact I will not be finishing my college degree and taken pride in the fact I attempted college at all. Also, I am constantly improving my mind by tackling subjects like physics or mathematics that I do not understand and am not very good at.

Why? Because the effort is what counts, not becoming perfect in these subjects.

Embrace those things you do not like about yourself and always remember, no one is perfect nor ever could be.

Welcome to humanity.


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