New YouTube Channel Just for You!

I have finally done it. I have begun a video series on YouTube about DID from my life experiences.

I’ll be posting either weekly or bi-weekly videos on YouTube about different  subjects including:

  • Research on DID
  • Diagnosing DID
  • Misdiagnosing DID
  • Coping Skills
  • Learning to Communicate with Your Alters
  • Pitfalls in Therapy
  • Integration Challenges

And much, much more.

Now, as you will see I’m not a beautiful woman, nor am I trying to sell services. My goal in these primitive videos is to spread awareness, help others who live with this diagnosis and open up minds to the realities of living with dissociative identity disorder.

So, don’t be too harsh on me. I’m sitting in the recliner in my bedroom where I do all my writing and the lighting isn’t the best. I may even look disheveled. But hey, I mean well!



3 thoughts on “New YouTube Channel Just for You!

  1. Hi Shirley!!! I consider you a Pioneer and am excited to see this. Will now watch, but I first wanted to let you know how excited I and We are about this!!! Lari


    1. I’ll be posting them at least once a week. The first two are, well, very primitive as I’m getting used to using the programs involved. I’ll keep working on them though! Thanks Lari. Shirley


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