A Post Straight From My Heart

First off, allow me to apologize to all my readers. I’ve been remiss lately in writing personal notes and pieces for you. I have an explanation but no excuse.

I think that during my explanation you will understand and possibly forgive me for being otherwise occupied.

I Have Moved and Live Alone

After living within facilities and with other people since 2005, I have finally moved into my own apartment and now live alone. This all came about last weekend (October 19-20). It was a move I truthfully and desperately needed to make for my sanity and my health

There was a ton of work that led up to my moving on my own again that needed doing before I could even consider writing my blog, although I have been writing for others.

I had to earn enough money to get my deposit and first month’s rent, and that took a while of piecing together money from various writing jobs.

There simply wasn’t enough time to write for them and for myself, thus my absence.

A Brand-New Start

 I’m hoping to hell I can keep myself here and not fall into the same traps I have in the past. Before I abused my medications and nearly destroyed my mind and did harm my physical health.

In another lifetime I also spent money like it was water even when I had bills to pay.

Neither of those things did as much damage, though, as my believing in my heart that the world owed me a living and I wasn’t going to take care of myself because they did.

That attitude cost me fourteen years of my life I cannot replace including seven spent on an inpatient ward.

It’s time I make a brand-new start.

Thank You

You all are part of my story. I have been writing this blog since 2016 with it beginning to take off in 2017 because I became more dedicated to it. I’ve shared my story, my hopes, my tragedies, my dreams, and who I am with all of you down through the past few years and I appreciate you more than you can know.

I have received so many helpful and thoughtful comments and have loved every one of them. You all have become like family to me and I thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days to read my blog.

People come here from all over the world, did you know that? Every continent and I believe about every country has been here at least once. I am so humbled by this that I have no words to express how awesome that feels.

For now, I just wanted to say hi and remind you all that I do care for you even though I may not speak your language or know your names.

I am who I am today not only because of the turmoil I have navigated, but because I am a success story in other’s eyes like yours.

So, thank you again,








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