Books about Dissociative Identity Disorder, C-PTSD, and Mental Illness

I have published several books on DID and other disorders and I thought I’d take the time to advertise them here.

My books are full of facts but contain no triggering information. I only wanted to write and publish books that make sense and help others living with dissociative identity disorder but not contain any of the horror stories I could tell about what happened in my childhood.

You all have enough to deal with without reading about my terror.

I have priced the books reasonably, but if you find you cannot afford to buy a book at the listed price on Amazon, get in contact with me. I can make a deal for you and either send you a PDF of the book or send you a copy at slightly over what I pay for author copies.

I mean, the whole reason I wrote the following books is to get information out to those that need it.

My email address is as follows:

If you don’t want the books, would you please suggest them to your mental health provider? I would truly appreciate that.

So, here goes a shameless plug for my books with a description of each and a link to




Compiled from the best of the website posts written by Shirley J. Davis, this book is full of useful information for those living with dissociative identity disorder, those who love them and those who treat them. Each article is written in an easy to understand format with research and helpful links mixed in. The purpose of this work is to spread truthful information about DID to end the stigma surrounding it and to raise awareness.

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Dissociative Identity Disorder is a highly controversial mental health condition mainly because the public, providers, and those living with its diagnosis have not read or are not aware of the research available to them. This work contains a compilation of many of the important research papers and books available to anyone online to find truthful facts and information about DID. The intent of this book? To spread truthful information, help others help themselves, enlighten providers, and help end the stigma that surrounds this sometimes disabling and always life-changing diagnosis.

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The Last Comprehensive Resource Book About Dissociative Identity Disorder You Will Ever Need is an all-encompassing textbook that includes every aspect of DID available today. Each topic carefully referenced and explained is user-friendly so that laymen and mental health professionals alike can comprehend and use on their healing journey.

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Much is known about complex post-traumatic stress disorder including what causes it, how to treat it, and a possible cure on the horizon. This book offers all the latest research and information for those who have CPTSD and those who love them in simple to understand language.

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For too long research about the many mental disorders that are commonly diagnosed in the United States has been scattered about the Internet. This disarray makes finding the information a doctor, psychiatrist, or client difficult and time-consuming. This book compiles together some of the major research on several mental health disorders into one indexed volume.

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