Eating Disorders is A Hard Subject

I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been much response to my piece about eating disorders. To be honest, EDs are a very tough subject to think about, let alone read. However, I’ve never been one for hiding my head in the sand so I decided (with the help of Athena Moberg from the CPTSD Foundation) to tackle it.

I have an eating disorder myself. I hesitate to say I binge eat, but I certainly put too much food into my body. I weight close to 300 pounds and have many of the signs of an eating disorder. I do not write those words lightly as it is a hard thing to admit in public. I would much rather eat alone and I hide what I eat from others. When I’m not overeating I’m starving myself out of guilt for being so large.

God knows, I already have many strikes against me. Being in a wheelchair and a survivor will cut years off my lifespan already.

Please, don’t be afraid to look at yourself and ask the important question, “Do I have an eating disorder?” I have asked myself that question and doing so gives me more fuel to fight.

I posted at the top of this post a picture of how I look because I’m coming out as a person who has an eating disorder. I refuse to hide my body or feel shame when I see myself in the mirror. It will take me some time, but I will beat this thing.

Eating disorders kill and that is my main focus, making sure the people who read my pieces are aware of what is going on so that they do not become a statistic.

4 thoughts on “Eating Disorders is A Hard Subject

  1. Shirley, you’re beautiful! I, too, have an eating disorder and have great interest in this series you are writing. I have struggled with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. The anorexia really has me now. The denial can be so so powerful. I wanted to mention that Monica Seles, the famous tennis player, came out and said she has struggled with binge eating disorder. Most of the time, you can not look at someone and tell if they have an eating disorder. The disease is a killer! I hate it! Going on 39 years of disordered eating now and that’s with treatment. Don’t know why I won’t let go.


    1. Thank you for calling me beautiful. I needed that. I’ll be writing a piece soon about the neuroscience behind eating disorders. It may help both of us and all the other readers out there understand eating disorders better. Neuroscience could explain why you won’t let go.


  2. You are truly amazing and very brave, I read your blog and it helps me so much with understanding myself and the world around me. I also have a eating disorder and I hope one day to be able to beat it. You help me with every single post you write. Very happy to be able to put a face to one of my heroes. ❤


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