Your Daily Motivation for February 13, 2019. A Cage is Only A Cage If…..

Hey everyone, welcome to hump day. Humans have a way of turning every problem they encounter into a cage. We will sit and stew for days or even decades somewhat enjoying the idea that we can wallow in our sorrow. We weep for years over what someone did to us. There is a time for [...]

Your Motivation for February 12, 2019. We Have Endured

Good morning. Once again I'm in your inbox with another motivational post. I love to watch programs about archeology. The Archeologists dig into the ruins of ancient civilizations to find the treasures hidden far below ground that has been buried for sometimes thousands of years. I find it fascinating that many of the items found [...]

Your Motivation for February 7, 2019 Good morning, yep, it's Thursday. Watch the incredible video below and then come back. This work is by Thomas Deininger from his web site.  I ran into this man's work on Twitter and then again on LinkedIn and became immediately enamored. The reason I am so enthralled is the message that this short video and [...]