The Commonality of and Coping with Family Estrangement

The article below is part three in the family estrangement series I'm writing for the CPTSD Foundation. Shirley Family Estrangement is an emotional distancing and cessation of communication between one or more members of a family. It is the breakdown of the support from and to a person who can no longer trust their family [...]

Why Do Family Estrangements Happen?

These pieces about family estrangement are part of a five-part series I am writing for the CPTSD Foundation owned by Athena Moberg where I write for their blog. This subject is important for this time of year. Shirley Family estrangement is a very grief-ridden and personal experience that family members face when someone leaves or [...]

Family Estrangement, What is It? 

All families have their squabbles and days when one member might not speak to another. However, there is one type of painful situation where the communication between family members stops; this is family estrangement. Often, family estrangement occurs when an adult child is learning to cope with and get rid of harmful people in their [...]

The Truth About and Possible Solutions to Suicide

Why do people decide they do not want to live anymore? Is it to hurt those who hurt them? Is it to escape life? Is it because they are cowards? The answer is no. People who die by suicide haven’t decided they don’t want to live, nor are they striking out at those who hurt [...]

How and Why to Leave a Trauma Bond

Did you ever stop and wonder why you didn’t leave the abuser of the past or the one (or more than one) you have been in a relationship as an adult? What was the glue that held you to silence and obedience in either case? Why didn’t you tell the world about what was happening [...]

The Problem of Racing Thoughts

Everyone experiences them once in a while especially after a restless night without sleep or under high stress. Racing thoughts are when our minds won’t shut off and we wish it would shut up. But what if racing thoughts was a way of life, something you were forced to live with every day and night [...]

Forgiveness and Letting Go

Once again I apologize ahead of time for the third person writing but I wanted to share this with you as well as post it to Thanks for understanding. Shirley Forgiveness and Letting Go For many survivors, forgiveness is a difficult, if not impossible concept to grasp or to even acknowledge as being part [...]

No, They Will Never Win, I Won’t Let Them

**Trigger Warning: Although I do not find what I have written below to be triggering, some of you might. I’m expressing raw emotions in this piece and those can be frightening to some. Take care of yourself.** I feel this morning like sharing my soul with you once again. This time I’m going to discuss [...]

Books about Dissociative Identity Disorder, C-PTSD, and Mental Illness

I have published several books on DID and other disorders and I thought I'd take the time to advertise them here. My books are full of facts but contain no triggering information. I only wanted to write and publish books that make sense and help others living with dissociative identity disorder but not contain any [...]

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Co-Occurring Dissociative Identity Disorder  

It is believed that 1% of the population of the United States has dissociative identity disorder that is caused by repeated, severe childhood trauma. However, many who live with the diagnosis of DID have the double whammy of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). What obsessive-compulsive disorder and what are its symptoms, causes, and treatments? Plus, how are [...]

Thanksgiving Funny Page

                            From my heart to yours, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Shirley J. Davis

Facing Thanksgiving and Christmas After Childhood Trauma

Every year people in the United States gather with their families to eat turkey or ham and enjoy each other’s company. However, for those who experienced childhood trauma growing up in a dysfunctional home, Thanksgiving and Christmas are torture as they relive the holidays of the past. This article will focus on why the holidays [...]

Co-Occurring Diagnoses that Sometimes Accompanies Dissociative Identity Disorder

Good day my DID family. Today's article is written in the third person because I wanted to publish this article on as well, so please forgive the tone of it and how it sounds. It is a reporting piece but I thought you all would enjoy reading it. Shirley Co-Occurring Diagnoses that Sometimes Accompanies [...]

Videos About Different Aspects of DID

Good morning everyone. I wanted to reach out and share a video I recently made concerning losing time and DID. This isn't the only video I've made, I've made about four or five others, but it is the most recent. It is in no way professionally made and I don't cover many topics, but I [...]