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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I’m excited to have so many people reading and learning from my work.

    I have lived with Dissociative Identity Disorder all of my life, having survived many years of severe and repeated trauma as a child. I was diagnosed in 1990, and have endured almost three decades of treatment. I have finally been able to move on, finding life exciting and refreshing instead of a horrible trial. I am not and never will be, a “whole” personality as my mind has been splintered horribly. However, this will not stop me from attaining the highest level of functioning I possibly can.

    The purpose of this blog and all the books I am writing is simple. I wish to spread as much real and true information about DID to the public and to mental health professionals as possible. My aim is to stamp out the stigma that follows this diagnosis. People like myself who live with Dissociative Identity Disorder, are not monsters, murderers, weirdos, psychos, or likely to commit crimes of any sort. We are ordinary human beings who have taken advantage a normal human evolutionary ability (dissociation) to survive mentally and physically ordeals we encountered in early childhood which could have drove us insane or left us deceased.

    I must stress that I am NOT a mental health professional. While I hold an Associate Degree in Psychology, this does not qualify me for any thing more than to be a consultant and peer mentor. I will not give advice on medications or what type of treatment I feel a person must receive to gain control of their life.

    I will also make the pledge that none of the material found here will be purposely triggering. If you are triggered by something read here, I am sorry. Please leave me a comment and I will consider what you say and look over my post. If I find it is indeed triggering, I will remove it. Please remember, however, that not everyone is triggered by the same things nor to the same intensity.

    Thank you

    Shirley J. Davis


  2. How do you know you have control over your life. and do you still have that whole so deep with a pain sorrow and loss that you or anyone can get out,Seems I think I get it whipped and then something happens and know I don’t act out anymore but its still there.


    1. No one has total control of their life.

      But my alters and I move together and are coaware.

      However since I am not associated if enough stress comes my way I too will experience loss of time and such. It is something I and you have done all our lives and will continue to fall back on.

      We missed the developmental state as kids where our personalities would have consolidated (associated) and it will never happen now.

      But that’s okay because we can still learn to become friends and family within our systems.

      You will never “whip it” but you can cooperate and love each other.

      Don’t think of your alters as enemies or separate people. They are all you and they exist in the form that they do to protect you.

      I hope what I’ve said helps a little.

      Thank you for reading my blog!



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