The Positive Side of Family Estrangement and Creating a Family of Choice

This series on family estrangement may seem to be a strange topic to cover during the holiday season. Yet, being separated from family during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s is a familiar occurrence for many survivors. The purpose of these articles is to offer support to all who come to this blogsite looking for hope. [...]

The Commonality of and Coping with Family Estrangement

The article below is part three in the family estrangement series I'm writing for the CPTSD Foundation. Shirley Family Estrangement is an emotional distancing and cessation of communication between one or more members of a family. It is the breakdown of the support from and to a person who can no longer trust their family [...]

Why Do Family Estrangements Happen?

These pieces about family estrangement are part of a five-part series I am writing for the CPTSD Foundation owned by Athena Moberg where I write for their blog. This subject is important for this time of year. Shirley Family estrangement is a very grief-ridden and personal experience that family members face when someone leaves or [...]

Family Estrangement, What is It? 

All families have their squabbles and days when one member might not speak to another. However, there is one type of painful situation where the communication between family members stops; this is family estrangement. Often, family estrangement occurs when an adult child is learning to cope with and get rid of harmful people in their [...]